Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Secret Formula - 41

The story so far:
Professor Isaac Sbrebol is researching "antimatter" when he gets a breakthrough, but he is unwilling to share his discoveries to his shady sponsors, "Krorg Industries", who quickly send his goons to shake him up.
Afraid that his work is going to be weaponized he summons the help of the handy heroes of the Onyx Brigade.
Only one member is available at the time, the eccentric martial arts hero nicknamed "Super Kendo".
They give chase to the goons, and en-route, they gather the other two members of the Brigade who were enjoying their shore leave.
The Krorg industries scientists work fast, and by the time they get there, a prototype antimatter cannon is ready for testing at the rooftop of their building.
A quick fight ensues and the antimatter cannon is fired, blasting a black hole in the middle of the solar system, surely, a revolting development which must be solved quickly, before everything goes down the drain!

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